In the middle of a wider area, Kyparissia is perfect for daily excursions and trips to discover physical and cultural treasures.

Only a few kilometers away, you can visit the beautifully restored ancient city of Messini, the archaeological site of Olympia, the cradle of the Olympic Games, the unique temple of Apollo Epicurius and also the medieval castle of Chlemoutsi.

One hour drive from Kyparissia, the Neda River with its beautiful waterfalls is located, while the Mycenaean site of Peristeria with the impressive domed funerary monuments next to the canyon of Agia Theodora, is only 4 kilometers away from the town.

Very close to Kyparissia the restored Byzantine temple is also located, at the Christianoi village.
The mediaeval towns of Methoni and Koroni, as well as Pilos, are only 60-80 kilometers south of Kyparissia. Next to them the beautiful physical site of the Polylimnio waterfalls, the famous beach Voidokilia and the wetland of Gialova.

At the same time the access to the unique beaches of the Gulf of Kyparissia is easy and fast.

  • Archaeological Site of Peristeria

    Archaeological Site of Peristeria

    It is considered to be one of the most important centers of the Mycenaean civilization. Visitors can admire the three domed funerary monuments, one of which has been recently restored. The artifacts found inside the three tombs are dating back to 1.500 b.c. and are exhibited in the archaeological museum of Chora.

    The importance of the findings made archaeologists to unofficially call Peristeria, the Mycenae of west Peloponnese.

  • The Byzantine temple of the Metamorphosis (Trasformation)

    The Byzantine temple of the Metamorphosis (Trasformation)

    The byzantine church in the village of Christianoi, one of the most important religious monuments in Greece, impresses immediately the visitors with its size and its architectural model that is not frequently sighted. Built in the 11th century, on the ruins of an ancient temple of Zeus, it is the biggest church of the Peloponnese, frequently compared with Aya Sofia in Istanbul.

  • Ancient Messini

    Ancient Messini

    One of the greatest archaeological sites in Greece, ancient Messini was founded by the famous Theban General Epaminondas, in 369 B.C. The beautifully preserved ancient theater, one of largest of the ancient times, the forum and the temple of Artemis and of course the grandiose stadium, are all breathtaking.

  • Ancient Olympia

    Ancient Olympia

    Here, in the valley of Gods, blossomed the most famous sanctuary of ancient Greece and the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Ancient Olympia is one of the most famous destinations in Greece and worldwide.

  • Temple of Apollo Epicurius

    Temple of Apollo Epicurius

    This great temple of antiquity is located in an altitude of 1,130 meters, at the center of Peloponnese, near the traditional village of Andritsena. It was built during the 5th century B.C. by Iktinos, the architect also responsible for the Parthenon. This monument, one of the best preserved of the classical era, was the first to be declared as a monument of World Heritage by UNESCO back in 1986. Part of the temple’s frieze was detached in 1814 and is now exhibited in the British Museum in London.

  • Voidokilia Beach

    Voidokilia Beach

    t is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, famous for its round shape reminding of the Greek letter omega.

    It is located just north of Pilos and is sided with the lagoon of Gialova. It is acknowledged as an area of physical beauty and is part of the Natura 2.000 network for physical preservation.

  • The beach of Methoni

    The beach of Methoni

  • The wetlands of Gialova

    The wetlands of Gialova

  • Neda River

    Neda River

    Neda River is located in the intersection of the regions of Ilia and Messinia. It springs for the mountain Likeo and flows to the Ionian Sea between the coast of Kyparissia and Zaharo. It is only the second river in Greece with a feminine name.

    It flows into a canyon of extraordinary beauty with rich vegetation. Along the river, waterfalls and physical pools are formed, appropriate for swimming, while it also runs through an impressive cave called Stomio.

The house

The house

An old stone villa, dating back to the early 19th century, inside the old town’s heart has been fully renovated and transformed to a modern day residence for all seasons. Great view to the Ionian Sea, the sunset and the medieval castle.

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